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At Big Bird Nursery we aim to capture children’s natural curiosity to explore and investigate the world around them. We therefore ensure that each individual child is supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. Within Big Bird Nursery we create a rich learning environment for children both indoors and outdoors. This is achieved by providing learning experiences that take into account what each individual child already knows, what they need to know and what each individual child wants to know. We also provide an environment that is fully equipped with both natural and manmade resources and equipment.

Our team of highly skilled staff incorporate breadth and depth of knowledge to learning opportunities that are provided to all the children in our care. This successfully creates experiences that are both relevant and meaningful to each individual child.

Big Bird Nursery Aims

  • We aim to provide breadth and balance throughout the setting through a provision of learning experiences by exploring the Curriculum for Excellence and pre-birth to three. With all staff encouraging independent thinking and positive attitudes, while setting challenges and opportunities for individual success for every child, our staff-child interaction will be purposeful and subsequent assessment information is used effectively

  • We aim to provide a variety of excellent learning experiences that are relevant and personal to each child. Our teaching provisions are delivered by staff that have the relevant skills to provide a wide range of learning experiences that are enjoyable for every child
  • We aim to establish close working relationships with families, local schools, the community and relevant agencies. Parents, carers, staff and children are fully involved in decisions regarding the education and care provided by Big Bird Nursery
  • We aim to create a safe, relaxed and happy learning environment for staff, children and parents. Within our environment everyone is valued and opinions are encouraged. We empower our staff and young people by using high quality leadership at all levels, encouraging on-going self-reflection
  • We aim to provide a range of appropriate, stimulating and challenging learning through the effective use of both natural and manmade resources
  • We aim to ensure overall effectiveness of pre-school education by the use of continual on-going self-evaluation, monitoring and commitment to professional development and on-going improvement

Nursery Structure

Big Bird Nursery is a fully equipped day nursery with five rooms designed for the needs and requirements of each individual age group. Our large spacious rooms allow children to grow and develop at their own pace. Children are taken on various outings in the local community as well as having various extra-curricular activities which take place on a weekly basis.

Baby Room: Birth - 2 years

  • The Staff to child ratio in this room is 1:3
  • When on outings the ratio drops to 1:2

The baby room follows the national birth to three matters curriculum. The baby room is designed in such a way that smaller babies can go into a separate area to allow the older children to play more freely. The baby room offers swimming lessons and enjoy local regular walks. The baby room holds a community parent and child class which is open to any parent / carer to attend. During these classes staff sing songs and tell stories or will do messy activities with the children. Small snacks and juice are provided to all the children who attend.

Toddler Room: 2 - 3 years

  • The Staff to child ratio in this room is 1:5
  • When on outings the ratio drops to 1:2

The toddler room follows the national birth to three matters curriculum. Toddlers love to explore the world around them and staff therefore encourage natural curiosity as much as possible. This helps develops independence, imagination, creative and social skills. The staff within the toddler room have an excellent understanding of each individual child and their characteristics. The toddler room offers gymnastic, football and swimming lessons all of which are great confidence builders in preparation for joining the pre-school room.

Pre-School Room: 3 - 5 years

  • The Staff to child ratio in this room is 1:8
  • When on outings the ratio drops to 1:5

The children in this room follow a more structured day to help them develop in line with the Curriculum for Excellence. This curriculum is designed to meet each individual’s needs. The staff plan for one activity a day in line with set monthly learning outcomes. Children are encouraged to take part in these activities. We also offer drama classes and football training with a local qualified coach, forestry school and swimming lessons. The children also attend regular outings in the local area. Parents are encouraged to be involved as much as possible in the pre-school room, we have monthly planning meetings that are open for parents to attend allowing them to give feedback and ideas that are taken into consideration. We also hold forestry school days at the weekend and food tasting in the evenings.

Big Bird Nursery
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